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Dunas de Bilbao

It is an impressive area with fine desert sand, a product of the erosion of the natural elements by the passage of time, that causes us to be transported by our imagination, to the Middle East. For that reason the area has been chosen by different directors to be used in their movies, even internationally.

The Dunes of Bilbao are located 65 km east of Torreon, which is approximately 45 minutes traveling by car.

The climate is extreme, in summer the temperature fluctuates between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, and during winter between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Most of the animal activity can be viewed and appreciated at night, observing uma exsul, a small lizard that can only be found there, and other typical animals such as desert-like vipers, snakes, road runners, hawks, and coyotes. The foilage is unique to the zone, such as the candelilla plant.




dunas de bilbao, cerca de torreon
Sand Boarding can be practiced on the Dunes of Bilbao, it is a sport similar to snow boarding, only with sun and sand. Many four wheels motorcycles travel across the dunes, also an activity resembling water skiing as a table or board is dragged across the wake of sand. Presently various events of an extreme sports nature take place in the area. Whatever time of the year it is recommendable to carry with you on your visit to the Dunes, some water, sun protection, comfortable lenses, shoes or tennis, cap or hat, comfortable t-shirt and jeans. dunas de bilbao